Stained Productions presents A MONTH OF SUNDAYS

a weekly series of live electronic music performances taking place every Sunday evening in November, 2001 at
Now Lounge
189 Church St. (south of Dundas)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

November 4th:

November 11th:

November 18th:

November 25th:

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$5 at the door - 19+

arrive at 8 PM to watch The Simpsons on the big screen

performances at 9 PM, 10 PM and 11 PM

finished by midnight so you can get up early for work on Monday

drink specials so you can be hungover for work on Monday

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November 4th, 11 PM
[Toytronic Records - Senton Recordings]

Multiplex is brothers Roland and Christian. They come from a small Victorian coastal resort called Bognor Regis in Sussex, UK, but now record from opposite sides of the Atlantic - Roland resides in Brighton, UK and Christian resides in Oakville, Ontario. Multiplex use mainly analog synthesizers to create a rhythmic/organic/soulful feel to their music. After appearing on a few electronic music compilation releases, the duo released their debut LP "Area to Area" on Toytronic Records in late 1999, and their latest release is the album "Angles" on Senton Recordings. A 7" single is soon to be released on the Lom Recordings label, and a remix album will be out on Senton in early 2002.


November 4th, 10 PM
[Spiral Recordings]

Sudden produces layered, dynamic and focused electronic music with a sound that ranges from dark and urgent to vast and evocative. Sudden also uses spoken word samples from AM radio and other magnetic sources throughout their music. On October 30, 2001, sudden will release their self-titled, debut CD on Spiral Recordings, distributed in Canada by Outside Music.


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November 4th, 9 PM

Zug Island is a small rust covered island in the river between Detroit MI and Windsor ON. It was, and is, home to many steel mills and iron foundries that service the auto industries in both those cities. It is a place of terrible decay, as well as terrific beauty. Zug Island is also the name of a music project created by a former resident of this geographical phenomenon. Perhaps the particulate heavy metals in the air affect the brain wave patterns, or perhaps it's the sounds of continuous pounding machines... Zug Island creates music, call it what you will.


November 11th, 11 PM
[Force Inc. - Alien8/Substractif - Revolver - Klang Elektronik]

Tomas Jirku has quickly established himself on the international minimal techno scene. From his humble beginnings of independently released CD-Rs and MP3s on the Notype website, Jirku's unrelenting, unpredictable exploration of minimal techno have since been released on such prestigious labels as Force Inc., Klang Elektronik, Alien8, and Revolver, to name only a few. This night's event brings us his most recent, challenging and somewhat disturbing experiments, crossing the seemingly uncrossable styles of acid house and dub.


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November 11th, 10 PM
[A/S Systems - Clonk- Mediawhore]

Neil Wiernik a.k.a. naw has had a long history of both group and solo electronic music projects including work with The Crystal Methodists (Goy Division, Silent, RRR), Phycus (Total Zero), and The Urban Refuse Group (Total Zero). In terms of solo work, Neil has released music under his both his given name and the pseudonym of naw on such labels as Avatar/Ohm, RRR, Mutant Cactus Recording, Musicus Phycus and most recently on A/S Systems. Neil's recent work as naw features his own interpretations of minimal techno, electro, dark ambient, dub, and various other experimental musics.


November 11th, 9 PM
[The Ambient Ping]

Jakob Thiesen has been making electronic music for various projects in which he has worked with found sound, analog and digital circuitry. He also likes to play drums when people let him. He likes pizza, his favorite colour is blue, and he loves his girlfriend Betty.


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November 18th, 11 PM

Tinkertoy, comprised of Andrew Wedman and Paul Shrimpton, has been performing in Toronto and Montreal since August of last year. Their debut CD "my thirteenth birthday" was recently released on their self- started label, Lautmaschine.


November 18th, 10 PM
[Catmobile Records]

i am robot and proud is a boy named Shaw-Han who plays bubbling melodies, electronic pin-pricks, warm tones, crackling rhythms. His new record "The Catch" has just been released by Catmobile Records UK.


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November 18th, 9 PM
[Alectric Records]

hellothisisalex is a Toronto-based duo whose music has been described as "simple, yet effective, and without any pretension" by Electroage and "somewhere between Isan and minimalistic Air without the drug problem" by Substancezine. The music the duo write is primarily electronic, filled with raw analog synths and otherworldly noises carried by melodic bass lines. The two have only been writing together for around a year, but already have managed to complete a large body of work, ranging from the CDEP "the acorn children" and MP3-EP "homelife", to their upcoming album "the anachim thorn". They are also involved in the creation of an art installation that will be presented sometime in 2002.


November 25th, 11 PM
[Intr_version - Alien8/Substractif - Raster-Noton]

Mitchell Akiyama is a Toronto-born and Montreal-based art student who wanders around with a minidisc recorder and mic and captures the sound of his environment; street corners, bathroom ventilation systems, friends playing "real" instruments. He takes these aural ecosystems, dumps them into his computer and uncovers the tones, rhythms, melodies and, ultimately, the songs that are lying dormant in them. Most call this "electronic music". He self-released a CD-R called "Inter_Verse" in November, 1999, and his latest album "Hope that lines don't cross" was released in May on Substractif. He has also started work on a new album which will be released on Germany's Raster-Noton and material for several other releases.


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November 25th, 10 PM
[Audi Sensa]

Polmo Polpo is an evolving musical hernia endured by it's producer, Sandro Perri, while live relief is provided by the handsome Nick Zubeck on lap steel guitar. Cellos and guitars do solemnly swear alongside the drums, only to be devoured later by swarms of insects and white noise. Come and hear music which some Germans like to call "absoluter flaechenkiller", and pick up a copy of the new Polmo Polpo 12" which will be officially released at the show.


November 25th, 9 PM

The Blameshifter began as a collaboration between Jubal Brown and Tasman Richardson called Oh Huge Vault Of Vaseline (OHVOV), a semi-improvisational, experimental noise project reminiscent of artists like Throbbing Gristle. Tasman Richardson later left OHVOV to create Polygon Noose, an experimental techno project with Justin Waddel. The emphasis on "sculpted" sound waves as samples as opposed to found real world noises led to the development of The Blameshifter, a solo project by Tasman Richardson in which minimal compositions of continually changing tempo and style are generated from one performance to another to avoid predictability and disrupt audience expectation.


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