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from Sweden
Staalplaat recording artist - formerly of ARCHON SATANI & INANNA

from Sweden
Eibon & Cold Meat Industry recording artist

from Chicago
Staalplaat & Kranky recording artist - member of TV POW

feedback monitor

Sunday, September 10, 2000
Po Boys Club - 159 Augusta Ave. - Toronto
$5 at the door - 9 PM - 19+

Mikael Stavöstrand has been working within the field of experimental electronic music since the late 80's. His earlier works and collaborations under the names Archon Satani and Inanna touched on the darker edges of the ambient realm of sounds. Recently, he has been working almost entirely with a computer as his instrument, both in the studio and for his live improvisations, producing material that falls loosely into the "microscopic sound" and "clicks & cuts/glitch" genres.

Stavöstrand draws from many different influences when constructing pieces, from electronic dance music to Japanese noise to contemporary music-concreté and electro-acoustic. In the live setting, he uses a Powerbook as an instrument to realize his improvised ideas, and he's very interested in the randomness and unexpected results of this approach. He is always searching for new ways to produce his compositions both musically and technically, and often works with music for performance art, dance and sound installations.

He has released over a dozen albums on various labels in Europe and the US, and has performed live in Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and Japan. This show will be Stavöstrand's debut appearance in North America.

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Moljebka Pvlse is a project of Sweden's Mathias Josefson, who also is a member of the ambient group Lykaion Eclipse and the rock combo Preston.

His first work under this name appeared on the Esthticks of Cruelty compilation released by the well regarded Cold Meat Industry label. More recently, Josefson released the full-length CD Koan via the Pre-Feed and Eibon labels. With comparisons made to such artists as Maeror Tri and Final, the record is focused on excursions of liquid audio-layers building up an ambient/droney soundscape produced solely on acoustic and electric guitars, using the magnetic fields of an E-bow for generating fundamental drones. All guitar sounds have been manipulated through various effect boxes, almost concealing the origin of the sound and resulting in a work of balanced drones with a full human approach.

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Brent Gutzeit is a sound artist/improvisor who currently works mainly with laptop. He is a founding member of Chicago's premier electro-acoustic band, TV Pow. Also an instrument builder, he often combines real-time playing with real-time sampling via the computer.

Brent graduated in 1994 from Western Michigan University with a Bachelors of Fine Art with an emphasis on sculpture and sound installation. After graduation he moved to Tokyo where he played a variety of shows with different musicians, including a one week stint at the Tokyo Globe Theatre performing music for an experimental theatre group with Otomo Yoshihide He returned to Japan again in 1995 to design and build a dance club in Tokyo and has since returned to Japan twice in the past 5 years to perform.

Brent has played in many different settings, improvising with musicians from around the world including Jim O'Rourke, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, 7000 Dying Rats, Kevin Drumm, Stilluppsteypa, Anthony Coleman and many others. Brent also co-owns and runs BOXmedia, a record label based in Chicago focused on creative, improvised and experimental music.

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