stained productions and feedback monitor present PARALLEL with POLMO POLPO and DJ GREG CLOW

wednesday, june 14, 2000
po boys club - 159 augusta ave - toronto
$5 at the door - 9 PM - 19+

parallel is don mennerich and greg davis, a laptop duo from boston, massachusetts who produce sounds in the vein of pita, fennesz, oval and nobukazu takemura. their work tends to be improv driven, and often incorporates live instruments (guitars, piano, organ) along with the electronic elements. their show in toronto is part of a small tour that will also be hitting cleveland, chicago, washington, philadelphia and north carolina. they are in the process of recording material for a fall/winter release on davis' autumn records label.

polmo polpo is toronto's sando perri. he combines stark beat structures and dubby effects into works that have inspired positive comparisons to pole and artists in the chain reaction/basic channel axis. his first (and only) release was a well-received split EP on the audi sensa label with fellow torontonian cog in early 1999. more releases are forthcoming.

greg clow is host of the radio show/website feedback monitor and is half of stained productions. he likes music that goes "beep beep clank crunch whooosh bloop".

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