Stained Productions presents


Wednesday, April 24th, 2002
Rancho Relaxo, 300 College St., Toronto

$8 at the door - doors open at 9:00 PM - 19+

tour sponsored by XLR8R
in association with Carpark Records and Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge

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Greg Davis moved toward the world of computer-based music after years of hip-hop groups, jazz combos, and freeform improvisations. In 1997, he started his own label, Autumn Records, in order to put out his own music and the music of others. Two years and several CD-R releases later, Autumn Records relocated to Boston in 1999 and released the Autumnature compilation CD in May of 2001, which featured the likes of: Marumari, Hrvatski, Lexaunculpt, Cex, Colongib, Davis' own Asterisk project, and many more. Mouthmoth Records' Mothballs 7" series also featured several tracks by Greg (as Asterisk) and his performing duo, Parallel, with Don Mennerich. Greg has been an active performer in the Boston area, playing many shows by himself and with Parallel.

More recently, Greg's Clouds as Edges 7" was released in October on the Boston label Grounded Records. He also hit the road with Hrvatski in December for a week's worth of performances, covering the east, midwest, and back again. Greg has now shed the Asterisk moniker to create music solely under his birth name.

Greg Davis' debut cd, Arbor, has just been released by Carpark Records of New York. Other projects for the future include a split 7" with Don Mennerich on Autumn Records, and possible releases with the labels Lux Nigra and Safe As Milk.

Hrvatski (born Keith Fullerton Whitman) was one of the first characters in the american "idm/experimental electronic music" scene, debuting in 1998 with the release of the Attention: Cats compilation LP on his Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge label. Alongside Matmos, Chessie, Kid606 and a host of others, he is intent on blurring the all-too-strict distinctions between techno, rock, free jazz, etc... His debut album Oiseaux 96-98 was heralded for it's 'forward-thinking-ness' by magazines such as The Village Voice, The Wire (who voted it one of the 'top electronic albums of 1999'), and Spin (whose Simon Reynolds voted Oiseaux one of the top 'laptop punk' albums... ever).

The last five years has shown Keith in a ridiculous amount of settings: rocking out with Michael Karoli and Malcolm Mooney in a makeshift Can reunion; creating ear-splitting guitar and computer drones at the Opera House in Sydney with Oren Ambarchi and members of Anticon; "providing thunder" in free improv groups amongst players such as Peter Kowald and Daniel Carter; and basically just playing all over with artists as diverse as Mouse on Mars, Isotope 217, Pan sonic, Thurston Moore & Lee Renaldo, µ-ziq, Vladislav Delay, Gerard Malanga, Lexaunculpt, Suicide, Cex, Fred Bigot, and hoardes more. He's toured Germany twice as a guest of the KlangKrieg organization, spent a month in Australia as the international guest at Sound Summit 2001... but he's never done a proper tour of North America. Until now.

Hrvatski's long-awaited second album Swarm & Dither will soon see the light of day via the Planet µ label (run by Mike Paradinas, aka µ-ziq), followed shortly by Raume, a collection of pieces made solely of recordings of household implements (as witnessed on a 7" on the german Tonschacht label). He's also instigated a 'solo' career, which will result in the release of two albums of instrument-meets-computer pieces under his Christian name for the chicago-based Kranky label (home of Low, Labradford, godspeed you black emperor!, etc...), Playthroughs (Fall 2002) and Multiples (2003). There's also another Tonschacht single coming out, a flurry of new remixes for folk like Voice Crack and Tennis, and a virtual tonne of compilation appearances (the Nanoloop 1.0 Gameboy CD on Disco-Bruit, the Painted Black CD on Tumult, etc...). It's a busy time, the best time to go out and debut some of his new choons.

Keith Fullerton Whitman and Greg Davis are very good friends. They met two years ago when Greg moved to Boston. As it's pretty hard to find folk in the Boston area interested in Morton Feldman, Leo Kottke, and Autechre (harder than you'd think) they're a natural match. As a duo, they've been playing and recording together weekly.

Their duo sets can range anywhere from very minimal beeping to human-breath oriented melodica studies to sheer digital noise terror. and that's the way they intend to keep it.

A double CD-R set pressed on double sided black CD-R's containing every recording of every live set they played together during the late fall tour will be available on the spring tour.

I Am Robot And Proud is a boy named Shaw-han who plays bubbling melodies, electronic pin-pricks, warm tones, crackling rhythms.

His first record The Catch was released last year by Catmobile Records. He is working on a second album for Catmobile, and an album for the new Toronto label Piehead Records, both due for release later in 2002.

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