Stained Productions and feedback monitor present
a pre-Hallowe'en evening of
ghostly beats and spooky ambience with

Mad Monkey recording artists from Belgium

and guests

Monday, October 30th, 2000
Po Boys Club - 159 Augusta Ave. - Toronto

$5 if you come dressed as a dead Hollywood star
$7 if you don't
doors open at 9 PM - 19+

DEAD HOLLYWOOD STARS are a trio consisting of John Sellekaers, C-drik and Hervé Thomas, three artists who have been exploring various aspects of electronic and post-industrial sound via numerous projects over the past few years. Together, seperately and in collaboration with others, they have recorded under the names Xingu Hill, Ammo, Ambre, Moonsanto, Torsion and more, with releases on many labels including KK/Nova Zembla, Hymen/Ant-Zen, Hushush, Flyco, Gun Music, Zoth Ommog and Foton.

As for what they sound like - well, it's not really dance music, but you can dance to their charged downtempo rhythms. It's not purely listening music, but few things will engage your ears and mind like their ambience-washed sound. Within their upcoming CD, "Gone West" (Mad Monkey Records), you will find catchy banjo-styled jangles, crunchy beats, boiling guitars and night time ambiance. It is a stunning and picturesque ride.

Review excerpt from Grooves Magazine: "(They) have dipped into the sounds of two seemingly disparate genres - head-nodding downtempo and American roots music - to produce a hybrid that could be best described as 'desert ambient'. Smooth beats and shimmering soundscapes are overlayed with ghostly blues and country guitar riffs, evoking images of the wild west gone space-age sci-fi. Imagine Ry Cooder guesting on the mellower tracks from Moby's Play, only much better (and less Starbucks-friendly), and you'll have some idea on sonic landscape that the Dead Hollywood Stars call home."